The Best Foods for Skin You Should Be Eating

21 Jun by admin

The Best Foods for Skin You Should Be Eating

Creams, lotions and moisturizers: you probably apply at least one of them to your skin daily. But what are you putting inside your body? And how do these choices affect the appearance of your skin? Chances are your local grocery store or farmers’ market is loaded with complexion-enhancing treats. Fill up your shopping list with these foods for skin that you should be eating!

Dark Chocolate: Let’s start with a favorite: chocolate! You’ve probably heard that chocolate and other sugary sweets are bad for your skin. While it’s best to steer clear of processed desserts, natural dark chocolate is one guilt-free indulgence. What makes it such a skin-healthy food? Dark chocolate contains flavonoids and reduces stress. Flavonoids protect the collagen in your skin. Less stress means less inflammation, one of the biggest triggers of aging. Look for dark chocolate with 70% cocoa content and higher for the biggest benefits.

Garlic: Garlic isn’t one of the best foods for skin you hear about very often. It has a bad reputation for making your breath less than sweet. But it may be worth the extra tooth-brushing when it comes to your appearance. Garlic contains a host of anti aging properties including selenium, zinc, vitamin E and sulfur. Selenium and sulfur both fight acne while zinc promotes skin healing. Vitamin E is, of course, essential for well-hydrated skin. This food is also a natural anti-fungal resource.

Blueberries: Want to incorporate antioxidants in your diet but not sure where to start? Berries are always a sure-fire choice. They are loaded with the free-radical fighting ingredients you need and easy to eat. Blueberries make a delicious topping to your oats or favorite cereal. Like chocolate, these berries contain collagen-boosting flavonoids. Reap the rewards of anthocyanin as well. Anthocyanin increases blood flow and circulation to maintain a healthy glow to your complexion.

Mackerel: You didn’t think you were going to get through this list without seeing one mention of fish, did you? Oily fish is a godsend to aging and sensitive skin. The high content are omega-3s are not only great for brain and heart health but also protects your skin. They add a suppleness and strength to the outer layer. This benefit prevents damage and makes the skin resistant to free radicals. You can see why its one of the best foods for skin care! Mackerel is a good source of omega-3s when you need a break from wild caught salmon.

Papaya: It’s time to get tropical to make your skin glow. Eat papaya regularly to keep your digestive system balanced with its high fiber content. Doing so will help the body eliminate toxins faster. Enjoy the wrinkle-fighting properties of vitamin A and its related antioxidants. It’s high water content will keep your skin hydrated and looking refreshed. While fresh papaya is certainly delicious, it’s also useful as a face mask ingredient. Mix up a serving of peeled papaya with whole milk. The combination of vitamin A and the proteins will withdraw debris from the skin and whisk away fine lines. Just be sure to save yourself some to eat!

Honey: Honey is one of the best natural sweeteners. But it’s also sweet to your skin! As a natural anti-bacterial, a dose of honey can prevent bacteria buildup that causes breakouts and irritation. It’s also a good source of natural healing for skin damage and wounds. Pour a little honey on your papaya or blueberries for an extra dose of sweetness and healthy skin.

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