All to Know about Coughing at Night

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All to Know about Coughing at Night

There are different reasons for coughing at night. For some people, it could just be due to an infection and for others it could be an indication of a serious health problem.

Asthma: People associate asthma attack with the picture of somebody gasping for air. Even though this can certainly be a sign, people with asthma usually feel breathing problems as a dry cough and it is more intense at night. Always consult with your physician to get examined for asthma to eliminate it as the source of the coughing.

Sinusitis: Always having a stuffy nostril may also be the cause of coughing at night.

When the sinuses are blocked, the mucous can drip down the back of the throat (postnasal drip) creating that irritating tickle. Allergies can also trigger the sinusitis, and it may be recommended that you use an allergy medication or a nasal spray to help you clear out the sinuses.

Acid reflux disorder: Acid reflux disease, also known as GERD, may also lead to coughing. When relaxing, the acid inside the stomach, that causes stomach upset and acid reflux may also wash into the lungs. If you feel that GERD is the issue, then consider eating a lighter supper earlier at night and elevating the head at least 6 inches any time you are sleeping. If this does not work, there are OTC drugs that really work miracles.

Iron deficiency: Having a diet poor in some nutrients and vitamins can also cause continuous coughing. If the body is lacking iron, inflammation and discomfort in the back of the throat might be a sign that could cause breathing problems. If this looks familiar, then an iron nutritional supplement can be all you require.

Check your drugs: Drugs such as ACE inhibitors administered for hypertension, can produce the effect of a dry cough. Speak to your pharmacist to know if the coughing might be triggered by one of the drugs you are currently using.

Cigarette smoking: Smoking cigarette is among the major causes of night coughing. Prolong period of smoking makes the system to increase mucus creation. This abnormal mucus creation together with the build-up of harmful particles causes frequent coughing that normally gets worse at night.

Viral Infections: Viral infections normally affect the upper part of the respiratory area like seasonal flu and common cold can cause coughing at night. Besides night cough, this medical problem is usually followed by temperature, sore throat and body pain. After curing the viral infection, the individual can suffer from dry cough which worsen during the night and could take some weeks before healing.

Heart Problems: Coughing at night maybe a sign that the cardiovascular system is not working perfectly. This can indicate the existence of congestive heart problem. People who have CHF usually suffer from cough that produces mucus. The colour of the mucus will be pink if the person is suffering from heart condition. Apart from the mucus, the sufferer could also experience problem with breathing, doing sporting activities or fast beating heart beat.

Respiratory Infection: Respiratory infections such as pneumonia or bronchitis are another cause of coughing at night. Bronchitis causes the inflammation of the bronchi, the channels in which airs gets to and leave the lung area. The swelling reduce air passage, which makes it harder to breathe. Frequency of phlegm or dry coughing depends on how much the respiratory system has been affected. If the infection is mostly limited to the lower respiratory system, chronic dry cough is most likely to be the resultant effect. If the Mucus producing cough extends beyond three months, this is an indication of chronic bronchitis.

Some Treatment Option for Coughing at Night

Gargling With Salt Water

To get relief from a noisy and bad cough which can make sleeping almost impossible, one can use warm salt water to gargle to get relief. Create a mixture by adding half teaspoon of salt with a cup of warm water and gargle to reduce coughing.


Studies have proven that using honey can be a very good remedy when it comes to reducing continual bouts of coughing which result at night. Children having coughing fits are regularly given honey because it has no side effect. A single dose, as approved by your doctor, before going to bed can give massive relief from chronic cough, and enable your child to sleep soundly.

Applying Heat

Another potent remedy for relieving cough will be the use of heat therapy. Steam calms the aggravated tonsils and frees the airways. Rubbing the chest with eucalyptus is way to get relief for quite a few hours. Staying indoors clean, avoiding dust mites as well as other contaminants can in addition prevent episodes of coughing at night.



Perles (Benzonatate) is a medication which are recommended for those suffering from chronic night coughing. This particular oral treatment can subdue and even cure cough triggered by cold and allergy. Tessalon

Perles is a good treatment for persistent dry cough. Using this medication has proven effective in treating cough, but, consulting with your physician is necessary before using this drug. Using drugs to treat asthma and also using Tessalonperles may not be recommended. Pregnant women and children below 10 years are not allowed to use this particular drug.

If you are having phlegm making cough then using cough suppressants may not ideal. In this case, coughing actually expels the phlegm and lessens discomfort. But, by using suppressants the phlegm will not be able to be expelled from the body and this may led to more serious health issues. A better alternative would be to drink lot of water as this will make the body to stay hydrated. A well hydrated body would make it easy for the body to expel the phlegm when coughing.

Non-prescription drugs like cough syrups will help you to reduce irritating coughing at night. If the coughing is as a result of asthma, using asthma inhalers will help reduce the coughing. Cough syrup having natural ingredients such as honey has proven very helpful in relieving cough. If the previously mentioned therapy produce short-lived cure and you experience night cough after a short while, this may be a sign of a severe health problem, and consulting a physician would be recommended.

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